Solidarteit Wêreld
2017 – Uitgawe 5 Bedryfsnuus
Best outcome for members at GM
Deur Michelle | 29 September 2017

By Estella Boshoff 

In May of this year, General Motors (GM) announced that they are divesting in South Africa. As a result, 589 employees faced possible retrenchment. Since the initiation of the retrenchment process, Solidarity has been working relentlessly to ensure the best possible outcome for its members. The union can today announce with pride that no Solidarity member will be involuntarily retrenched.

Solidarity, together with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), Uasa and non-unionised employees, formed an Employee Caucus which consulted as a unit with General Motors South Africa (GMSA). During the consultative process, members of the Employee Caucus made presentations. The number of potential retrenchments was reduced to 555 employees during the consultative process with Solidarity and the other members of the Employee Caucus.

After this reduction, GMSA invited employees to apply for voluntary severance packages or voluntary employee retrenchment. The applications GMSA received met the number of potential retrenchments and the process could be discontinued.

“We are extremely satisfied with the outcome of these negotiations and applaud the willingness of GMSA and other stakeholders to reach a mutually beneficial agreement,” said Ivan Smith, Solidarity’s representative in the Employee Caucus.


So staan nog ’n jaar einde se kant toe. Hoewel die laaste deel van 2018 steeds volgepak is met dinge om af te handel, kan ons reeds met tevredenheid terugkyk op die jaar se groei en sukses tot op hede. Hierdie is die 100ste uitgawe van Solidariteit Tydskrif en bied dus die perfekte geleentheid vir […]

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