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2017 – Uitgawe 4 Nuuswaardig
My child of the future, we are fighting quotas for you too
Deur Michelle | 10 Augustus 2017

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By Francois Redelinghuys


My child, you are not here yet, but one day when you are here, I know that I will be able to tell you in all honesty that I have done everything in my power to give you every possible opportunity to make a success of your life.

Is this not the wish of every parent – to give his or her child every possible opportunity to develop and use their talents to the full?

Why would I then not put up a fight to make sure that my child is not discriminated against because of what he or she looks like or what he or she is?

My child, in your innocence you will maybe ask me how a thing such as racial quotas could ever be justified. I will then tell you that people’s immediate response worldwide is one of total astonishment. However, in the South Africa of 2017 the use of quotas, a system that gives preference to a person based on appearance, is nothing new.

Unfortunately, it appears as if today’s international community could not really be bothered by South Africa’s implementation of such an infamous system. On the other hand, we in South Africa have already become so indoctrinated by the reality of quotas that we when we look at a team photo, we firmly believe without a hint of doubt that the best possible team members were chosen regardless of their race. How can that be?

I want to teach you, my child, that if you are good enough and put in enough effort to be the best, you should be chosen, but it breaks my heart that I cannot promise you that this will be the case.

Solidarity and AfriForum are currently engaged in a battle against the enforcement of racial quotas when it comes to the selection of sports teams. My child, I am proud to say that I am part of this battle. I simply cannot allow these politics to determine your future.

“But Dad, it is only sports, and I am not even particularly good at it.”

My child, this has to do with more than just sports. It is about a way of thinking. It is about a system by which it has become acceptable that, even though you may be the best, you will be judged on the basis of something else. It is about a system in which no-one wins, because even the player who should benefit from it because he or she is the “right” colour, gets selected on the basis of skin colour instead of his or her skills on the sports field. It is my honest conviction that when you put in enough effort to make the cut, you deserve a chance, whether it be in sports or in any other area of life. For this principle, I will continue to fight.


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