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How to keep your skills sharp in a constantly evolving industry
Deur Michelle | 14 Junie 2019

By Wilmarie Brits 

With technology advancing faster than ever, it goes without saying that your work environment and the nature of your work would have drastically changed over the last 10 years. The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) estimates that technology will advance 32 times from where it is now over the next five years. This rapid change means that digital transformation is no longer a choice but a necessity to stay relevant and at the forefront in your career.

Futurists predict that 35% of the skills that are currently considered important will change in the next five years and that about 60% of occupations could see at least a third of their job tasks automated.

If this makes you wonder what the workplace of the future will look like and if there will still be a place for you in it, you are on the right track, because it means you are curious and concerned about your future and this can motivate you to take action in sharpening your skills so that you can stay relevant in your career.

The digital revolution is changing the scope of work and will place a higher value on skills and capabilities, rather than jobs. Focus on the opportunities at hand and embrace them, and remember that nothing remains static, so neither should you. Here are three ways to stay relevant and employable.

Be flexible

A rigid and unbending tree won’t survive the raging winds of the storm. You need to be flexible in order to exist in a rapidly changing environment. When you are flexible in the workplace, you will be able to plan for and not react to changing circumstances. According to ASAP, flexibility and adaptability will be sought-after attributes in employees at all levels in the future.

To stay relevant, stay informed

Staying at the forefront of your career is not a one-time, one-off activity. You have to make it part of your daily routine. According to Jacky Carter, Digital Engagement Director at Hays, you need to train yourself to stay aware of and alert to anything that might need further investigation. If there is something you don’t know about, make it your priority to push yourself out of your comfort zone and increase your knowledge, no matter how daunting that might feel.

Upskilling, upskilling, upskilling

In order to stay employable you will need to continuously upskill yourself. A study done by Hays shows that 96% of the 1 253 professionals they surveyed regard upskilling as very important or important. “Employers are looking for employees who are willing to develop the skills needed to solve new problems and who are able to collaborate with their peers to exchange knowledge and ideas,” said Carter.

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