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Leave your work at the office
Deur Michelle | 08 Maart 2019

By Wilmarie Brits

As technology advances and managers’ expectations increase, our work life becomes more challenging. The availability of so-called comfort technology, such as cell phones, home computers and tablets, is blurring the once sacrosanct line between personal time and professional time. A study has shown that one third of all office workers take work home in the evening.

Research by Sabine Sonnentag and Charlotte Fritz has documented that taking a break from “the work state of mind” allows recovery from strain and ends the pattern of negative effects that drive pessimism and chronic stress. The hectic times in which we live and the increased workload with which we have to cope, demand that employees, many of whom are parents too, have to separate their work and family life to prevent burnout.
Here are four easy tips to help you leave your work at the office.

  1. Set clear prioritiesDetermine which of your tasks are more important and complete them first. If you cannot distinguish between what is important and what is not, you will treat everything as a priority and overburden yourself in the process. By prioritising your tasks according to their importance it will be easier to decide how to handle each task.
  2. Always be realisticAssess your workload and if there is already too much on your plate, do not add to your responsibilities by taking on even moretasks. Don’t try to do everything yourself if you have a team to support you. Teamwork in the workplace is very important.
  3. Organise your timeIt is of key importance to be the manager of your own time. Make time in the morning to plan your day. Then try to complete one task at a time according to your plan. When you are attending meetings, make sure everyone sticks to the agenda. People waste time in meetings when they stray from the agenda.
  4. Limit the use of technology Your tablet, cell phone and laptop can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. If you must work from home, set a time when others may contact you, say from 18:00 to 20:00. This way, you will not feel guilty if you switch off all technology outside those hours.

Met die Covid-19-inperking steeds volstoom aan die gang, bring ons vir jou nóg ’n inperkingsuitgawe op jou rekenaarskerm, hierdie keer met gemak saamgestel asof dit al jare lank so gedoen word. Almal het die nuwe manier van doen se ritme nou reeds bemeester, met sommige wat intussen terug is by die werk terwyl ander nog […]

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