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Overcome the fears of starting a new job
Deur Michelle | 16 Maart 2020

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No matter where you find yourself on your career journey, it remains a frightening experience to start a new work.

According to The Business Insider it is important to transform the nervous energy and tension that you experience on your first day into positive momentum, to help you get off to a good start at your new job.

Randall S Hansen, founder of Quintessential Careers, has a few tips on how to keep your nerves under control when you start a new job.

  1. Remind yourself why you decided to take on this new opportunity
    A fear of the unknown may cause you to lose focus and forget why you changed your job in the first place. Remember that you were appointed for a reason, so take a deep breath and focus on your goals. It will also help to read through your job description so you will know what is expected from you. This will set your mind at ease.
  2. Do not expect to know everything on the first day
    The fact that you have been appointed in this position means that you have the necessary experience and meet the requirements for the job, but you may still have to learn how your new company’s systems work. Do not hesitate to ask questions and do not panic if you make a mistake – it is part of the learning process. Remember to accept responsibility for your mistakes and correct them immediately.
  3. Make notes
    Chances are good that you will be bombarded with information on the first day, so keep a notebook and pen handy and make notes along the way. Write down general instructions or detailed procedures that will help you to stay informed during your induction period.
  4. Just be yourself
    First impressions last, so make sure you walk into your new job with a positive attitude. Be polite with your colleagues and be willing to help. It is important to create the environment you would like to work in on the first day.

Being the new person at an organisation is challenging, but exciting. Before long, you will be established in your new environment. Just remember to make the best of all situations.


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