Solidarteit Wêreld
2017 – Uitgawe 6
Solidarity and Exxaro sign wage agreement
Deur Michelle | 16 November 2017

By Estella Boshoff

Solidarity and Exxaro signed a collective agreement on wages and other conditions of service which will be effective for the next three years. The agreement, which was signed on 28 September, will be backdated. The agreement is effective from 1 July 2017 and will be valid until 30 June 2020.

“We are delighted by the agreement as it provides for stability in the job environment and it offers job security to our members,” Connie Prinsloo, the trade union’s deputy general secretary for the mining industry, said.

Solidarity reached an agreement with Exxaro without embarking on industrial action. The NUM reached a similar agreement with Exxaro after a strike lasting more than a week and halting production.

“It is of the utmost importance for Solidarity to complete negotiations with the minimum disruption to industry and we are extremely impressed by Exxaro’s commitment to negotiate reasonable terms with us,” Prinsloo added. Exxaro is currently headed by Mxolisi Mgojo who is also the president of the Chamber of Mines.

The agreement reached with the employer prescribes an increase during the first year of 7,5% to 10% depending on the employee’s job level. During the second and third year an increase of 7,5% across the board will apply to the wage component. The parties also agreed to a contribution of 60% by the employer to the medical aid benefit of the main member and 50% in the case of dependents. Also included in the agreement is a favourable adjustment to family leave and to the subsistence allowance.


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